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Yagi Antennas - Flexi


Intended for mobile location work, these are commonly used by Biologists in the tracking of animals and by TV Cable Operators for detecting cables and RF leaks faults underground. The design is based on the standard Lintec Yagi, however the normal rigid fixed elements are replaced by special flexible types that bend when struck by an obstacle and return to normal position when the obstacle has been passed.

The antennas are available with several centre frequencies. Boom constructed from aluminium with a handgrip for ease of handling. the Yagis can be supplied with a fly lead with the length and connector of your choice, or an inbuilt connector. The inbuilt connectors tend to be BNC or N Type female. Other connectors are available, but may need to be added using an extension cable.

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150-600 MHz


50 Ohms


+/- 2 MHz

Beam Width (3Db)

80 degree

Back to Back Ratio

18 Db

Gain (over dipole)

6 Db


As Specified

Cable Length

As Specified



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