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Lintec Antennas

Designers and Manufacturers of  Professional and Commercial Antennas


Whip Antennas


This is a flexible base loaded 1/4 wave whip and has the unusual property of retaining its shape when bent, even at right angles; eminently suitable for portable diversity applications. These antennas can be fitted to a variety of optional connectors.

Available with a variety of connectors including:

  • BNC/BNC R. Angled
  • PL-259/PL-259 R. Angled
  • SMA/SMA R. Angled
  • Lemo Keyed
  • Non Keyed


Helical Whip Antennas


Lintec Helical Whip is a 1/4 wave Omni-directional antenna suitable for portable
applications i.e. radio microphone transmitters & receivers etc.

Available with a variety of connectors including:


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